Rahna Epting Infuses MoveOn With Multiracial and Multicultural Leadership

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Rahna Epting (Facebook.com)

MoveOn, one of the nation’s leading grassroots political organizations, announced its new executive director. Rahna Epting is Black and Iranian, and will be the first person of color to lead the organization. Epting has worked for the organization for three years and will replace former leaders Anna Galland and Ilya Sheyman, who stepped down to make room for new leadership.  

MoveOn has played an important role in elections since 2004 when the organization supported Howard Dean in the primaries. In 2008, the group supported Barack Obama’s candidacy and voted to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in 2016. The organization engages in aggressive “petition drives,” and also initiates discussions about domestic reforms, including improved healthcare and infrastructure, according to the MoveOn website.

Epting will assume her new position in the fall and address the challenges of the 2020 electoral cycle and beyond. Her first…

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