Prize-winning Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. Handcuffed After Police Respond to Hoax 911 Call

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Leonard Pitts Jr. (Facebook).

Columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts Jr. said he was woken up early in his home in Maryland on June 30 when six police officers knocked on his door after a hoax 911 call.

Pitts told the Miami Herald that he and his wife were sleeping in their bed when his phone rang right before 5 a.m. The caller ID read City of Bowie, Maryland. When he answered his phone, he was told the police had received a phone call that someone was murdering his wife inside and was told to stay on the phone and come outside, the Miami Herald reported. He told the publication he compiled and walked outside to the officers.

“I knew that if I remained calm, it would be fine because there was nothing to hide,” Pitts told the publication.

Pitts was told to put his phone on the ground…

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  • beach.burka

    Isn’t it bizarre that he was handcuffed? I am sure he told the person on the phone that his wife was asleep beside him. The caller said the caller had said “someone” was murdering his wife not him.

  • mike.molloy

    Good article, thank you. I don’t see much difference between this and “swatting”.

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