Police Question Black Man After He Looks “Suspiciously” at White Woman

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A police department in Michigan came under fire after video shared on social media showed a Black man being questioned by officers after a white woman claimed he looked at her “suspiciously” and took photos of her and her son. 

Police said the incident began when the woman called 911 and said she was uncomfortable because a man was circling her car, looking at her, and was potentially taking photos of her and her son. Authorities released the 2-minute, 30-second call on August 15. 

During the call, the woman claimed the man, later identified as Devin Myers, was staring at her and her son as he sat in his car on the street. “I don’t know what his deal is but… it’s making me not so very comfortable at all,” she told the 911 operator. 

Video of the incident, which was shared by…

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