Police and Secret Service Called on Student for Playing with Fake Money

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A Maryland mother says that her 10-year-old son was questioned by police for playing with fake money on a school bus.

Tiffany Kelly wrote in a Change.org petition her son had taken play money that she had purchased from Amazon to his school in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on May 14. She states that her son, who has disabilities, was trying to socialize with the other children at school with the money.

“He is excited about money and learning to count “his money.”  In an attempt for socialization, something he struggles with, he passed it out on the school bus to his peers,” Kelly wrote in the petition. “The money has bright pink Asian symbols on the front and back, along with dotted lines, so that it can be distinguished as play money.”

Kelly states that one of the dollar bills her son had was found on the bus…

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