People Of Color: The ‘Shadow Workforce’ Behind Big Tech

Joe Kukura SAVE THIS

Workers outside of the New York Google office after walking out as part of a global protest over workplace issues, November 1, 2018. (REUTERS/Jeenah Moon)

It’s no secret that big tech companies do not have very diverse workforces. According to recent diversity and inclusion reports acquired by Bloomberg, only 1 percent of technical employees at Google are Black. Twitter comes in with an insignificantly higher 2.2 percent African American employees, and Facebook says that 3 percent of its workforce and 1 percent of technical employees are Black.

Yet there are many people of color working at those companies, just not working for those companies. Larger percentages of Black and Latinx staff are contractors rather than full time employees. They’re softly segregated with different colored badges, and often don’t get access to free meals or commuter shuttle benefits. Most significantly, they are not given the stock options which…

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