Oregon Bill Would Allow Victims of Racist 911 Calls to Sue Callers

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A bill in Oregon that passed through the state Senate earlier this month would crack down on racially motivated 911 calls.

HB 3216, which was sponsored by Oregon state Representative Janelle Bynum, would allow victims who had the police called on them to sue the caller for $250, NBC News reported. The victim of the call would have to be “able to prove the caller had racist intent, and that the caller summoned a police officer to purposefully discriminate or damage a person’s reputation,” according to the Statesman Journal.

The new piece of legislation was approved by the state Senate on June 3, according to NBC News.

“When someone gets the police called on them for just existing in public, it sends a message that you don’t belong here,” said state Representative Bynum.

Bynum, who is the only Black member of the Oregon House of Representatives, had the police called on her…

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