Opioid Prescribing Doctors Are Drug Dealers in White Coats

Niara Savage SAVE THIS


In 2019, America’s “public enemy number one” has manifested itself not as illegal substances like crack cocaine, but in the form of prescription painkillers. This opioid epidemic is fueled by a racketeering system that champions increased profits for pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health.

The eyes of the federal court system and local law enforcement have historically been trained to focus squarely on the stereotypical Black or Brown street-level delinquent and the neighborhoods they live in, often locking up minorities for petty drug offenses. The devastating impact of the drug war on Black communities remains measurable today. However, a more high profile offender has infiltrated American communities to push pills more potent than heroin and cocaine, manufacturing guaranteed-to-return customers. As a result, American physicians are prescribing millions of opioid pills for patients who do not need them. PBS called the opioid epidemic the “unintended consequence…

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  • msmcdoogle

    I marvel that the beings who imprison my Black brothers and sisters do so without batting an eye. However through their mercy for their own, law-makers’ children are dying. They are so busy watching my children while their own are running wild and doing what they please.
    They just don’t get the message that when you help others you are also helping yours. Every dog has his day.

  • elysechantal

    This article is inaccurate and ableist. It uses fear mongering about the opioid epidemic as a vehicle to complain about police brutality and the war on drugs. This reads more like an OpEd than any sort of factual reporting. The author clearly has not done sufficient research to understand the causes of the opioid epidemic, the recommended solutions, or who is being hurt by the current crack down on prescriptions. Chronic pain patients have been significantly hurt by this focus on curbing prescriptions and people of color, particularly women of color are the most likely to have issues getting access to adequate pain treatment. Associating addiction with the use of medically prescribed pain medication is ableist nonsense. Doctors are already forcibly removing patients from pain medication that they need out of fear of prosecution and patients are dying because of it. The CDC actually had to put out revised guidelines in April because doctors have over-corrected to stay out of trouble. And it still it hasn’t helped. Opioid deaths are still at record highs.

    I’m angry about the same things the author is angry about, but I’ve done my research, and I know that attacking doctors and indiscriminately cutting prescriptions only hurts people.

    • tpertew

      Then please share your research here. That’s the point. This is your opportunity. Otherwise folks will simply read your comment, take nothing away from it and agree with the author (as I did).

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