Officer May Be Reinstated Despite Sexual Harassment Allegations

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A Gettysburg, Pennsylvania police officer who allegedly sexually harassed a female officer may soon return to the police force.

In 2017, Brandi Courtesis filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the borough of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. As part of the ensuing settlement between her and the city, Courtesis resigned from her job with the Gettysburg Police Department.

Though the accused officer was not reprimanded for the alleged sexual harassment at the time, he was later fired for other reasons. As part of an appeals process that did not include information about the sexual harassment claim, the officer may soon be reinstated and may even receive back pay.

In her federal civil rights lawsuit, Courtesis claimed that her colleague and former boyfriend Michael Carricato began sexually harassing her in September 2015. Carricato reportedly spoke about the size of his penis and the number of women he had sex with in front…

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