NYC Teachers Federation Candidate Emphasizes Social Justice in Public Education

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Courtesy of Dermott Myrie.

Dermott Myrie is running for president of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) — a labor union that represents a large group of teachers in New York City’s public schools. A Black union leader for the M.S. 391 in the Bronx’s District 10, Myrie has taught for 12 years. 

Though the work of UFT is vital in the US’ largest school district — with more than 1.13 million students — Myrie argued that the union’s leadership is disconnected from its rank and file, which affects students.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew “does not consult members, or rank and files for big decisions,” Myrie told The North Star. As a result, issues such as hiring and retaining more Black teachers, and expanding the curriculum to include ethnic studies (instead of a Eurocentric study plan) are left on the back burner. Mulgrew was unavailable to comment at the…

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