NRA Attacks Kamala Harris for Gun Reform Policy

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Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Kamala Harris campaigns in New Hampshire. (Maverick Pictures / Shutterstock)

The National Rifle Association (NRA) singled out Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on August 10 and attacked her gun-law reform proposal.

The NRA called the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s proposal on gun-law reform “ridiculous” on Twitter. Along with the tweet, the association shared an article by the NRA titled “Kamala Harris and Her Perplexing Anti-Gun Ideas.”

“Big surprise: Kamala Harris is anti-gun. What she doesn’t seem to realize is that most of her gun control policies either wouldn’t work, or are already law, or basically make no sense. Here’s a look at what she’s proposing, and why her plans are ridiculous,” the tweet read.

In the article, the association criticized her gun control proposal, which the senator released in April. The NRA called her reform plan “perplexing” and said she is trying to appease “anti-gun extremists”…

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