New Poll Shows Declining Latinx Support for GOP and Trump

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Latinos, immigrants, and supporters at Columbus Circle to protest Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies (November 2016).

A new poll by a major Latinx advocacy group revealed that support for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party is waning among Latinx.

The survey by the largest Latinx civil rights and advocacy agency UnidosUS, formerly known as the National Council of La Raza, revealed that 66 percent of respondents were frustrated with how Trump and his allies treat immigrants and Latinx, and that they worry it will get worse if Trump is re-elected. Only 21 percent said that sentiment was not true for them.

“While the president claims Latino support is growing, that is not based in reality. In fact, he has brought down the overall likability of the entire party,” Clarissa Martínez-de-Castro, UnidosUS deputy vice president for policy and advocacy, told reporters in a conference call.

A majority of Latinx voters…

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