New Legislation Mandates Latinx and African American Studies at Connecticut Schools

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A bill in Connecticut’s state legislature requiring Latinx and African American studies be a part of the public school curriculum was passed by the Senate on Thursday, May 30.

House Bill 7082 was introduced by State Representative Bobby Sanchez (D-New Britain) and would include African American, Puerto Rican, and Latinx studies in the public high school curriculum. It was cleared by the House of Representatives in late May, the Hartford Courant reported.

“This bill will benefit all students of Connecticut because of its inclusiveness. Not only will it allow many students to identify with their cultural heritage and history, but it also will help break down the barriers of prejudice that divide us,” said Sanchez in a statement.

The bill was unanimously approved by the Senate on Thursday, according to the Hartford Courant. State Senator Douglas McCrory (D-Hartford) co-sponsored the bill and said it is a shame students…

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One comment

  • kayking51

    Wow, this is great. There are so much that has not been taught to our children. Maybe it will bring people closer together. A better understanding of history.

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