Navigating Life As A Black American Abroad

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Rapper The Game recently posted on his Instagram, “We would cripple America if we moved back to Africa!” The post sparked a lot of commentary with regard to how people, especially African Americans, felt about expatriation — living in a country other than your native land. Many people centered their thoughts on the fact that they had never traveled outside of America, so how could they possibly do better in a place they’d never been? Others agreed with the idea of picking up and leaving America in search of something, anything better. The post has since been removed, but the question remains: are Black Americans better off living abroad than in America? This question has been asked for centuries, and famously through the efforts of the Pan-Africanist movement, which demanded freedom and liberation for African nations and people.

My decision to buy a one-way ticket to…

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  • LeKese

    Living abroad is not a fear for most. Surviving abroad is. The America’s under the governing body of the US has indoctrinated citizens, especially descendants of Africa, to function in a servitude state of mind and without the ability to ensure or secure viable means of support, citizens would rather live with the evil they know.

    Now! Should the US genuinely prepare a plan of restoration (reparation), perhaps that thought process would change.

  • Robyn T Emerson

    African Americans have traveled globally and lived abroad for centuries, but only part of their story has been told.  There have been ebbs and flows of this voluntary movement, but we are currently witnessing an unprecedented level of travel and expatriation.  While there is a growing literature on Americans abroad and some research on African Americans who lived abroad historically, there is sparse data on African Americans currentlyliving overseas.  There is need for a comprehensive, scientific study of this unprecedented migration.  In addition, it is important to disseminate the findings from this research in ways that reach a broad audience.  That’s where WeGlobal comes in.

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