Missouri Police Investigating Video of Student Threatening Black Classmates With Lynching

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Police in Springfield, Missouri, have launched an investigation into a racist video by a Kickapoo High School student who used racial slurs and threatened to lynch Black students. Several organizations, including the Springfield NAACP, called on police to investigate the incident as a terrorist threat.

The 20-second Snapchat video, which was released on May 9, shows an unidentified white male student using profanity and racial slurs against his Black classmates, according to the Springfield News-Leader. The white student tells the Black students to “stay the [expletive] out of our locker room” and accuses them of stealing. He continues: “We should [expletive] lynch you.”

“It’s a privilege to be in our school,” he adds. “You [expletives] go around like you own the place.”

The video quickly made the rounds on social media and was condemned by Springfield Public Schools, Missouri’s largest public school district. In a statement to…

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  • Cinn

    How vile. That is the kind of rhetoric that a kid learns at home.

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