Majority White Civil Employees Seek Unionization After Black Woman Elected

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Tracey Gordon (Facebook).

The majority white staff of the Register of Wills in Philadelphia are hoping to unionize. Their timing has aroused suspicions, however, as the move comes after Tracey Gordon, a Black woman, defeated 40-year veteran Ronald Donatucci in the Democratic primaries.

Employees claim their decision to unionize following decades of at-will employment has nothing to do with Tracey Gordon winning the primary. However, the employees do fear they may lose their job security after Gordon allegedly pledged to “clean the swamp.”

“They have families, they have obligations just like anyone else that has a job,” Steve Sannini, an employee leading the unionization efforts, told The Philadelphia Tribune. “No one wants to be dismissed for no reason.”

Philadelphia Democratic Committee Chairman Bob Brady told the newspaper that he supported Gordon and declined to take a position on the employees’ efforts to unionize. Brady, who could not be reached for…

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  • shelle

    Bob Brady never used his voice before and now we have a black woman that won the election he is going to put his two cents in a decision that is solely hers to make. I will not vote for Brady ever again…..

  • valerieking325

    This strong woman is obviously the new face of what real Americans want and long for! Why do you think AOC is so popular? We want women of color and strength to stand up with courage and be themselves. 🙂 It’s not too much to ask for. They are already beautiful souls that know, that feel, that have the empathy and sight to lead, truly lead. This is what we need for our future.
    I’m a 6th generation Great Lakes Anishinabee, the Elders say the 7th generation, are the ones who must choose between concrete or nature, or that is it. We are living in the 7th generation, so people, please choose Nature first, if you can. Please think about mother Earth, the environment, in your daily choices. It matters.

  • Steffie

    I’d like to know who gets fired for “no reason”. This is a classic case of a guilty conscience.

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