LSU Investigates Student’s Alleged Use of Racial Slurs at Football Game

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Louisiana State University’s Tiger Stadium. (Roberto Michel / Shutterstock)

Louisiana State University (LSU) is investigating an incident that involved an undergraduate student allegedly shouting racial slurs at a group of students. The encounter occurred during an August 31 game between LSU and Georgia Southern at Tigers Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A female student, identified as freshman Christy Nguyen, tweeted that a white male student, identified as sophomore Foxworth Vidrine, repeatedly yelled, “Get the f— out” and racial slurs at Nguyen and her friends. The three young women are Vietnamese American and Baton Rouge natives, according to NBC News.

Nguyen told the Reveille, LSU’s student newspaper, she and her friends were leaving the stadium when Vidrine yelled the racist comments.
“It was really humiliating; he was yelling, and everyone around was just looking,” Nguuyen said. “He even had the satisfaction of seeing us leave.”
Fellow freshman Thao Ngo said no one…

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