Louisiana Man Exonerated After 17 Years Incarcerated

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Royal Clark Jr., center, with his son, Royal III, left, and his father, Royal Sr., right (Exoneration Registry).

Royal Clark Jr. has spent more than 17 years behind bars for an armed robbery he did not commit. The Louisiana man was exonerated on June 27 after newly-examined fingerprints cleared him of the 2001 crime.

The 42-year-old was wrongfully convicted of robbing a Terrytown Burger King on June 25, 2003, after a sole eyewitness misidentified him. He was sentenced to 49 and a half years in prison. Nearly two decades later, 24th Judicial District Court Judge Donnie Rowan Jr. vacated Clark’s conviction in a Jefferson Parish courtroom.

“We all now know what he’s been saying all along, that he’s factually innocent of this crime which was committed by someone else,” said Clark’s attorney, Kia Hall Hayes, who works with the Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO), according to NOLA.com.

Hayes noted that…

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