Local Group Asks Johns Hopkins Hospital to End Lawsuits Against Poor

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Johns Hopkins Hospital has been accused of targeting low-income and Black patients with financially crushing lawsuits over unpaid medical debt and the Coalition for a Humane Hopkins is working to change that.

In May, the coalition joined forces with the AFL-CIO and National Nurses United to release a report on Johns Hopkins’ propensity to file lawsuits in Maryland that target low-income patients. The report found that the median debt among former patients was $1,438 and that many of the patients qualified for reduced or charity care payments.

Dr. Marisela Gomez and Father Ty Hullinger, who are working with the coalition, spoke to The North Star about what the coalition is doing to combat these lawsuits and to educate the public on the damage the hospital has caused to the community.

Gomez explained that the coalition is made up of people who have been directly impacted by the medical debt lawsuits,…

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