Las Vegas’ Sleeping Ban Bill Takes Aim at The Homeless

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Las Vegas’ City Council will vote to ban public sleeping (Shutterstock).

Las Vegas’ city council will vote on Wednesday to ban public sleeping on sidewalks and streets. The new ordinance could criminalize homeless people if they do not comply with the new piece of legislation.  

Why it Matters

The proposed law, which is supported by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman and was drafted in September, will make it a misdemeanor to “to camp or sleep in the public right-of-way, such as a sidewalk, in the downtown and in residential areas” if there isn’t any space left at local homeless shelters, according to a statement from the mayor’s office.

The ordinance, if passed, could fine those who violate the law up to $1,000 or place them in jail for up to six months. The only exception to this rule is if the Office of Community Services informs public safety that…

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