LA Students Push to End Criminalization of Black and Brown Youth

Melina Abdullah SAVE THIS

(Photo: Johnny Silvercloud, Flickr).

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the second largest public-school system in the nation. Its teachers made headlines in January when they launched a six-day strike that advanced an alternative model of “community schools.” This model treats students like whole and complete human beings by requiring an end to a dehumanizing “random search” policy. Twenty-eight LAUSD schools will serve as pilots as part of the strike settlement.

The demand to end the searches did not begin with teachers, however. It began with the students who have made this a hallmark of student activism for the last several years. On June 18, the students – and the teachers, parents, and community that support them – won the demand to end random searches in all LAUSD schools.

Students describe the random search policy that the LAUSD practices as one of the most humiliating and…

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