Judge Reopens Deportation Case Against 11-Year-Old Girl

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Laura Maradiaga (far right) with her family. (Courtesy of GoFundMe)

A judge has reopened the case of an 11-year-old girl who was ordered to be deported back to El Salvador without her family.

Laura Maradiaga, 11, was reportedly given a deportation order after she was not included on a docket for her family’s immigration court appearance, the Houston Chronicle first reported. Maradiaga’s mother, Dora Alvarado — who only speaks Spanish — reportedly received a letter in English a few days after a March 12 court appearance that stated her 11-year-old was not present during the hearing, according to the publication. Alvarado, and Maradiaga’s 15-year-old sister, Adamaris Alvarado, were listed on the docket.

It is unclear if the family’s court translator gave the family the wrong information or if there was another error, the Houston Chronicle reported. On Tuesday, the Houston Chronicle reported the order was set aside by a judge and…

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