Hundreds Gather in Germany to Condemn Racially Motivated Shooting

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German authorities have labeled the shooting of an East African man as a xenophobic attack.

An Eritrean man was shot in the stomach and severely wounded in the German town of Wächtersbach in central Germany. The 26-year-old victim was shot at least one time, spokeman for Frankfurt prosecutors Alexander Badle told the Associated Press. The victim is currently in stable condition.

The 55-year-old German suspect was found dead in his car three hours later, after shooting himself in the head. The spokesman said he appeared to target the 26-year-old victim “completely at random and purely because of the color [of his] skin”.

Police found two semi-automatic guns in the suspected gunman’s car and three additional guns at his home. The guns were all legally owned and he had reportedly purchased a sixth gun right before the attack. Officials also found a letter at the suspect’s…

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