High School Students Launch Petition to Use the N-Word

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A petition made the rounds at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, California, asking students of color for permission to use the n-word. The petition led school officials to take corrective measures against two students involved, a school board member said last week.

Duane Dishno, president of the Huntington Beach Union High School District, said that the petition was nothing but a “bad joke” on April Fools’ Day, The Los Angeles Times reported.

According to the article, a handwritten petition from a student addressed to “Brown People” circulated at the school. A student who took offense snapped a photo, shared it on social media, and reported the incident to the principal after school hours, the Times quoted Dishno as saying.

The parents of the students who created the petition were contacted, and their children were disciplined the following day. Dishno said that the students felt remorse following the…

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  • Jackie

    This has happened at my children’s school in Wisconsin. They weren’t passing a petition but going around asking. I wrote their assistant principal and have yet to hear anything. I have to keep pushing.

    • Cinn

      That’s right Jackie. Stay on it and demand something gets done about it. Stand strong and firm. Good luck.

  • jesscarhart

    This is a great article and opportunity to realize that these kids have been taught nothing about our history as a nation and are on the wrong side of it. May this open the door not just for discussions about race, but about actual history from the 12 million native Americans exported “commercially” as slaves where Columbus made a 10% profit from the whole and the brutal horror of the African Americans who bled and died for the comforts we have now. The lack of history and stupidity of our children should cause grave alarm making them ignorant victims from the those similar to those who hold the highest offices in our nation. Wake Up. Educate yourselves and your children and live by higher moral standards and empathy for those who died in our apathy unjustly.

  • jewellsingletary

    It’s ridiculous that the school district tried to say this was a “joke”. Unfortunately not surprising that institutions of education in America miss the chance, yet again, to educate students on why this was offensive as well as in poor taste and judgement. It’s a miss that students are not taught about authentic history that contributed to present day cultural differences in American society.

  • Jan

    Ta Nahesi Coates answered a question about why white students can’t use the N word when their Black peers use it freely. He answered that refraining from using the N word is a small exercise for white students in experiencing what students of color have to do every day I. The face systems of oppression and micro- aggressions.

  • miyokotsume

    From the article: Some parents believe that the way the district has addressed the joke was inappropriate.

    “This is more than a silly joke,” one parent told the Times. “I think the way [the administration] dealt with it is extremely unfortunate. It was an opportunity to educate students on culture and on hate crimes, racism, and bullying.”

    There’s an opportunity to educate at home, too.

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