Hearing on the Death of Eric Garner Reveals Evidence Fabrication

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Explosive revelations in the extrajudicial killing of Eric Garner by New York Police in 2014 continued this past week. During the disciplinary trial for Daniel Pantaleo — the officer who administered the chokehold widely believed to have killed Garner — his partner, Officer Justin D’Amico, stated that he misrepresented the seriousness of Garner’s crimes in police paperwork, the Associated Press reported.

D’Amico filled out paperwork alleging that Garner was in possession of 10,000 cigarettes, a felony tax charge. Garner, however, only had a few packs of Newports that amounted to fewer than 100 cigarettes, which he was selling outside of a bodega without a license. D’Amico, who is not facing charges but may be fired, claimed that he could see Garner selling cigarettes from 200 feet away. A prosecutor with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) determined he was 328 feet away, according to CBS News. Yet…

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