HBCUs Remain Producers of Black Excellence Across Disciplines

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The nation’s inflamed racial tensions have coincided with record-breaking increases in enrollment at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). In 2017, North Carolina A&T State University recorded its largest student population ever, and the number of first-time applicants to Spelman College increased by the thousands in a single year. HBCU grads have consistently confirmed the necessity of these establishments by remaining at the forefront of the Black intellectual elite.

However, critics of HBCUs claim that those institutions are outdated, citing the end of racial segregation and proliferating the myth of the “post racial society.” HBCUs were created to provide opportunities for Black people to gain access to quality higher education and as race relations worsen, the need for secure locations for young, Black intellectuals to pursue higher education has only increased. Even a brief analysis of the comparative benefits of HBCUs is enough to defend the…

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  • glass.images

    Great article, I plan to show it to my 15 & 13 year old daughters.

  • William.savage.01

    Very important article!

    Today many African American parents grapple with trying to decide if they should send their sons and daughters to a HBCU. And while they compare college locations, cost, academic reputations and areas of study offered, I fear they often overlook a key intrinsic value of the HBCU experience. That is the increased sense of faith and pride in African American culture and African American intellectual capability that one gets from the experience.

    I often tell people about one of my first HBCU experiences, when I sat down in a large lecture hall filled with black and brown students, the students then began to exchange in dialog and scholarly debate of diverse issues. I was like wow!, I can’t believe I had never experienced this before.

    I am a proud graduate of Texas Southern University in Houston TX.

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