Hate Crimes on the Rise in New York City

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Hate crimes in New York City have increased 64 percent during the first half of 2019. More than 184 hate crimes were recorded through June 2, according to NBC News, and 112 hate-related incidents were recorded in 2018.

The increase is led by hate-related incidents against Jewish Americans, who represent more than 110 incidents, up from 58 in 2018. Crimes based on sexual orientation increased from 15 in 2018 to 18 in 2019. Attacks based on race increased from 14 in 2018 to 18 in 2019. White people were also included in the statistics as victims of hate crimes, with 11 crimes reported, according to NBC News.

Many attribute the increase in anti-Semetic hate incidents to the October 2018 attack at a synagogue in Pittsburgh’s historic Squirrel Hill community, which killed 11 congregants. In November, several hate-related incidents occurred in Brooklyn within one block of each other in…

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