Gloria Bromell Tinubu Challenges Lindsey Graham for South Carolina Senate Seat

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Gloria Bromell Tinubu. (Facebook)

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, a 24-year incumbent Republican, will have at least one Democratic challenger for his seat in the 2020 election.

Gloria Bromell Tinubu, an educator and economist, kicked off her senatorial campaign at a State House press conference on Wednesday, the Georgetown County Democratic Party announced. Bromell Tinubu is slated to make campaign stops on Wednesday in Columbia, Charleston, and Georgetown.

Bromell Tinubu told The State that she decided to make a run for the US Senate seat during a discussion with an African American history class at the College of Charleston about race and wealth. She said that the conversation focused on work and race, and how people who contribute to wealth do not benefit from that wealth.

“Most of the economic challenges facing our families are rooted in our systems of work and wealth which favors some at the…

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  • Kristy Lynn Flynn

    love this! hopefully she will unseat him – certainly would make my and many residents of the Carolinas VERY happy!

  • Deane Thomas

    Behind you 100%. You have great credentials. I should think South Carolians are terribly embarrassed by Graham.

  • lisadelisle

    Thank you, thank you, Ms. Tinubu, for taking Graham on. The country has had more than enough of his nonsense.

  • Linda J

    Thank you for challenging Mr.Graham. How can I donate to your campaign?

    • Gareth d'Haillecourt

      Gloria for US Senate, PO Box 6415, Columbia, SC, 29260

      • denise brault


  • A. Haynes

    Where do I donate!?!? I can’t wait to see Miss Lindsey gone!!!

  • Cinde Woodcock

    Wow! Would donate as well. Thrilled to see you run against Lindsey…he’s beyond corrupt. Hope to see more posts on your platform.👍

  • Francesca

    Go girl go!!!!!…I will pray for your success♥️⚘♥️🍹♥️

    • Kevin Cowan

      She’ll need a lot more than a prayer!! Graham is loved by most of the voters in SC!! She don’t have a snowballs chance in Hell 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 of winning!!

      • CBE

        They said the same thing about a young democratic candidate in 2008 and he became a two-term president. Let’s get rid of the corrupted Trumpians

  • Janet Levy

    Thank you Ms Tinubu!!!let me know where we can make donations to your campaign . It’s time for the Senator to go packing . You will be a refreshing addition to our Congress .

  • Deb Gelep

    Send a link so we can donate to her campaign… Lindsey has no business in politics any longer.

  • Victoria

    How can I help? Former journalist and community advocate.

  • Jennifer Read

    I want to donate, and I want to work for this woman. She is what we need

  • Ellen Pettersen

    I want to see Emily’s List, Swing Left, and the other liberal advocacy groups get behind her. She’s what we need!

  • Peggy Killacky

    Thank goodness for you. I wish you the best!! Let’s get rid of that parasite!!!

  • Jeff

    Love that she’s running but the fact that she announced without even having ANY website up for more info or to donate online gives me pause. I want to see Graham gone…but this signals, to me at least, a lack over organization, or failure to understand how 2019 works.

  • L. Reilly

    If I lived in South Carolina I would vote for her. Unfortunately I live in North Carolina. But hey…I’m going to turn somersaults when she wins (and I’m 66)!!!

  • Marilyn Gilligan

    We need to donate and get our friends to donate. Let’s get her on a firm financial footing to really compete and win.

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