Galveston Police Apologize After Photo Shows Black Man Tied to Horse

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The Galveston Police Department was forced to apologize after a photo went viral of two white mounted police officers leading a Black suspect in handcuffs with a rope tied to him.

The disturbing image was widely shared and many noted that it was reminiscent of the slavery era, especially how slave patrollers treated those enslaved people who were caught while attempting to secure their freedom. An onlooker took the photo on August 3 and shared it on social media where people expressed outrage and indignation at the police department for allowing the incident to happen.

Police confirmed that Officer P. Brosch and Officer A. Smith arrested Donald Neely, 43, on a charge of criminal trespassing at 306 22nd Street. The department said in a statement that Neely was handcuffed and that a line of rope was “clipped” to the handcuffs. Officers’ body cameras were activated at the time.

Galveston Police said a transportation…

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One comment

  • frhoward

    Trespassing huh? Being arrested for probably hanging out in his “neighborhood” that he’s been barred from for probably a non violent case. SMH. Typical racist police fashion to hang out in the black neighborhoods they are “familiar with terrorizing” and then arrest “people” residents they know by face/name should not be there.

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