Former NFL Star Albert Haynesworth Pleads For Kidney Donor

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Tennessee Titan Albert Haynesworth. (REUTERS/Rebecca Cook)

Former NFL player Albert Haynesworth’s desperate plea for a kidney donor has prompted more than 1,000 calls and offers. The former defensive lineman has been battling kidney disease for a number of years and went into kidney failure on July 7. 

“It’s hard to believe from being a professional athlete to only 8 season[s] in retirement that my body has taken another major blow,” Haynesworth wrote on Instagram. “First with the brain aneurism 3 seasons out of the NFL to now my kidneys failing me.” 

Haynesworth, 38, pleaded with his more than 11,000 followers to help him find a kidney donor. The former athlete retired from the NFL in 2011 and suffered a brain aneurysm in 2014. 

“But the bright side of this latest ordeal I can ask for help by asking for someone to generously donate a kidney. If you are interested in…

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