Filipino and American Activists Combat the Duterte Regime

Mathew Foresta SAVE THIS

(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

It’s no exaggeration to say that President Rodrigo Duterte has overseen a reign of terror in the Philippines. While many Americans tend to ignore how their government funnels money to Duterte’s burgeoning dictatorship, Filipino and American activists are steadfastly working to stop the killing and end the Duterte government’s march towards authoritarianism. Two prominent groups in this struggle are the Malaya Movement and the US chapter of the International Coalition For Human Rights In The Philippines (ICHRP), which work together and with activists in the Philippines through street protests, lobbying, and educational efforts.
Both organizations have made important inroads tackling abuse in the country and sharing the Duterte government’s human rights violations with the world. This movement’s wide appeal and broad ideological coalition range from far-leftists to those simply concerned with human rights.
While these international coalitions work to topple a modern dictator, the…

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