FBI Investigating Louisiana School That Helped Minority College Admissions

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A well-known private school in Louisiana, which earned a reputation for sending underprivileged and minority students to elite colleges, is being investigated by the FBI for its college admissions practices.

TM Landry College Preparatory School was the subject of a New York Times investigation, which revealed that founders Michael and Tracey Landry doctored applications and ran the school through violence and intimidation.

Former students revealed that their transcripts were falsified and their accomplishments fabricated in a bid to get them accepted into Ivy League schools. The couple was also accused of embellishing students’ college application recommendation letters with false stories of hardship.

Following The New York Times’ report on transcript fraud and abuse at the school, the FBI reportedly opened an inquiry into the institution. The FBI told The North Star that, per policy, it does not confirm or deny the existence of investigations.

In December, the…

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