Ethnic Violence on the Rise in Mali

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A Dogon village. (

Ethnic conflict has reared its ugly head in the West African state of Mali with the ongoing tension between Dogon hunters and the majority-Muslim Fulani herding community. The two groups have a history of ethnic conflict. The current conflict has been escalating since January. On June 10, members of the Fulani ethnic group attacked a rival Dogon village, killing more than 95 people and burning their homes to the ground.

Hundreds of people have been killed in the conflict zone in 2019 alone. One of the most horrific incidents occurred on March 23, when gunmen killed more than 150 Fulani herders. A Dogon-affiliated militia is widely believed to be responsible for the massacre. The March attack occurred in the Fulani village of Ogossagou, near the town of Mopti, and eventually was labeled a massacre. The attack is one of the worst examples of bloodshed…

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