Ending the War on Black Families

Joel Edward Goza SAVE THIS

Children are escorted to the Cayuga Center, which provides foster care and other services to children separated from their families, in New York City, July 10, 2018. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Since its inception, America’s violence against Black people has often targeted Black families. Auction blocks not only sold enslaved Black people, they severed sacred bonds between spouses, parents, and children. Four hundred years after this war began, the United States continues to perpetuate this war against Black families through a racist child welfare system that is rigged to tear children from the embrace of poor Black parents and place them in foster care. Although this war is no secret in Black communities, segregation provides white America sanctuary from this practice and shrouds the war’s brutality.

Yet, consistent with American history, Black Americans continue to fight back. Today, some of the leading warriors for the Black family include University of…

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