Employment Opportunities Are Deteriorating for Black Men

Angelo Young SAVE THIS

A decade after the U.S. began to dig out of its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the country’s jobless rate is hovering at its lowest level in nearly a half century.Despite lingering issues, including a decade of anemic wage growth and a vast majority of households that survive paycheck-to-paycheck, most Americans are finding jobs at a pace unseen in decades.
President Donald Trump has taken undue credit for this trend that began in President Barack Obama’s first term in office when Democrats held congressional majorities in both houses of Congress and maintained a Senate majority until 2015. To counter accusations of racism, Trump has also repeatedly taken credit for the historically low jobless rate of Black Americans. By shamelessly taking credit for employment trends that preceded him, Trump is claiming that conservatives are succeeding in ways that liberals have failed. Like other modern Republicans have done over the years, Trump asserts that tax breaks…

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