Dispelling the Stereotypical Portrayal of Black Fathers

Niara Savage SAVE THIS


Contemporary mass media puts forth a dismal portrait of Black fatherhood. News outlets, statistics, and movies alike suggest that the Black community is rife with single mothers struggling to raise their children in the face of an absent Black father. Even politicians leverage this stereotype on the campaign trail to appeal to voters. Black women have been blamed for Black socioeconomic lethargy and saddled with stereotypes of ghetto culture for decades. The persistent idea that most Black mothers are struggling to raise their children alone has haunted the conceptual Black family for just as long.

However, research has shown that this widely accepted narrative is incorrect: Black children are not fatherless, as misleading statistics suggest. In fact, Black fathers are often more involved in their children’s lives than men of other races. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demonstrates that Black fathers…

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