Dismantling The Roots of White Supremacy’s Theology

Murali Balaji SAVE THIS


As racial justice and Civil Rights movements grew in the United States throughout the 20th century, white supremacists always responded powerfully — and brutally — with violence. Whether exhibited in lynchings, state-supported beatings and imprisonment, or expressed in sermons or publications, white supremacists acted with the sincere belief in the theological underpinnings of their racial resentment. For example, in 1958, Baptist minister R.A. Raney stated, “Integration is condemned all through the Bible, but not justified any where (sic) in the Bible. But since God established segregation in creation.… It follows that segregation is a Bible teaching or doctrine.”  

White supremacy and white Christian nationalism are grounded in a theology that posits the glory of what was promised to white people: a homogeneous Christian nation in which the supposed divinely sanctioned rights of white men supersede all others. When demographic changes and social progress threaten that promise, the…

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One comment

  • Yanick

    How do we trash everything about their god and the bible? With all the technology we have and the education, there has to be a way to blow all this rhetoric in their face and post it on all Billboards in every states.

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