Disabled Workers in Haiti Are Producing Prosthetics for 2010 Earthquake Victims

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Amputee patients who have lost legs during the 2010 earthquake wait at a center run by Handicap International to undergo rehabilitative therapy in Port-au-Prince. (REUTERS/Swoan Parker)

A group of disabled workers from Haiti who lost limbs during the 2010 earthquake is now helping other amputees obtain prosthetics.

In an exclusive report from the Associated Press, a man who lost his leg during the devastating earthquake that rocked the island in 2010 has now built over 3,000 prostheses for others in Haiti.

Wilfrid Macena, who was a welder before the earthquake, told the AP his right leg was crushed by a collapsed wall at the garage he was working in. He was unable to get to a hospital for seven days, which caused his knee to become infected and then amputated.

A few weeks after the procedure, he told the AP that he came across St. Vincent’s Center, an institution run…

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