Developing The Green New Deal For Black and Brown People

Abdul El-Sayed SAVE THIS

The People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014 (Joe Brusky, Flickr).

I first heard about the “Green New Deal” during my 2018 campaign for Michigan governor. When I heard the name, I was immediately skeptical. After all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s original “New Deal” was no new deal for Black Americans. In fact, one of the deal’s landmark programs, the Federal Housing Administration, became one of America’s chief tools for redlining — accelerating segregation — and marginalizing Black families. The Green New Deal, like all climate policy, also had to compete for political attention with policy reforms that focus on people, including healthcare, housing, criminal justice reform, and infrastructure — policies critical in the fight for racial equity in America. The Green New Deal, I thought, was just one more obstacle to real racial justice reform.

Then I learned that the Green New Deal…

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