Developing Innovative Education for Students of Color

Teresa Ann Willis SAVE THIS


Our children are in trouble. Sixty-five years after the historic Brown v. Board of Education decision with its promise of educational equity for Black and Brown children, they are still poorly educated in low performing and underfunded K-12 public schools.

Legal challenges for economic equity and institutional changes continue in states across the country, as does the push for education reform from various factions including the nation’s business sector. But let’s call education reform what it is: a series of mandates coming from people outside our communities intended to remake America’s troubled education system so that it serves their needs and furthers their interests.

It’s time to further our interests and support transformative educators who see opportunity where others see obstacles. It is not the opportunity to create a compliant workforce that grants those in power continued dominance and economic hegemony. Instead, this is an opportunity to unleash…

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