Deposed Sudan Leader Omar al-Bashir Charged with Corruption

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Sudanese president Omar al Bashir arrives in the southern capital of Juba (Al Jazeera English, Flickr).

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has been charged with corruption after he was deposed in April following extended civil unrest. The latest charges come as an additional setback for the dictator who ruled Sudan for 30 years, according to The Telegraph.

Sudan’s chief prosecutor Al Waleed Sayed Ahmad Mahmoud announced the completion of all investigations against the deposed autocrat. The investigation led by anti-corruption prosecutors, has charged al-Bashir with “possessing foreign funds, acquiring suspected and illegal wealth, and ordering (the state of) emergency,” according to The Telegraph.

Shortly after his arrest, military intelligence officers searched al-Bashir’s residence. The search revealed suitcases filled with money, including more than $350,000, 7 million Euros, and 5 billion in Sudanese pounds. The funds totaled more than $113 million. The discovery of these funds led Sudan’s chief prosecutor to…

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