Democratic Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Shuts Down Racist Question at Iowa Event

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Pete Buttigieg speaks during the National Action Network Convention on April 4, 2019, in New York (Shutterstock).
Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg shut down an attendee’s advice at a Democratic Party event in Iowa on July 4 when they suggested that he should “tell the Black people of South Bend to stop committing crimes and doing drugs.”
The question was asked during a barbecue in Carroll County, Iowa, CBS News reported. The attendee’s question comes after the police shooting and killing of a Black man by the name of Eric Logan. Logan, 54, was shot and killed on June 16 by Sergeant Ryan O’Neil of the South Bend Police Department after he was allegedly found breaking into cars, the Associated Press previously reported. O’Neil reported that Logan approached him with a knife after he was told to put the knife down. However, there is no body camera footage of the incident,…

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  • Mary Margaret Hill

    I’m concerned that the prosecutor in this Alabama case was an African American female. Having more AA prosecutors has been one of the suggestions to produce a more equitable system. Are there dynamics and pressures inherent in the system that create the same results regardless of the prosecutors background?

  • Rodney

    Beings are owners to their actions, heirs of their action. Buddha

  • Stewart

    This article seems to be cut short. I don’ See where he shuts down the question.

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