DC Lawmakers Propose the Restoration of Voting Rights to Incarcerated People

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A group of lawmakers in Washington, DC is hoping to restore voting rights for people who are still incarcerated.

Democratic Councilmember Robert White introduced the Restore the Vote Amendment Act of 2019 to the DC Council on Tuesday, June 4 to restore voting rights for incarcerated people who are residents in DC.

“I remind people that there is no provision in the Constitution removing the right to vote for people who have committed felonies. And those who have been convicted do not lose their Constitutional protections,” White said during a press conference on Tuesday. “They do not lose their civil rights. They do not lose their citizenship. Why, then, would they lose their most fundamental democratic right?”

The bill has the support of six out of 13 DC Council members, The Washington Post reported. The proposed piece of legislation would repeal the 1955 law that states that incarcerated people…

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