Continuing Martin Luther King’s Struggle for Justice

Joel Edward Goza SAVE THIS

Reclaim MLK Freedom and Unity March in Portland, 2018 (

“The white backlash had become an emotional electoral issue… Political clowns had become governors… their magic achieved with a ‘witches’ brew of bigotry, prejudice, half-truths and whole lies.” These words come from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s final book before his assassination. Originally published in 1967, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community? analyzes the status of the movement for racial equality as it struggled against “the stone walls of white resistance.” For those seeking to honor King by continuing his struggle, Where Do We Go From Here provides a map for where he hoped his sacrifices would lead and is a framework for bringing American ideals closer to American realities.

In Where Do We Go From Here, King writes in dire tones and provides some of his most incisive insights and relevant work. He…

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  • shelle

    we are still consider 3/5 today….. However they want our vote.

    • Joel Edward Goza

      It is absolutely eerie the similarities between the “nightmare” of King’s final years and our nation’s contemporary moment. Yet, in writing this piece, it became clear to me that today’s struggle for justice may act as the beginning of the fulfillment King’s wildest hopes. Those working in the streets and the halls of power cannot afford to underestimate their power or their place in history. Meaningful change will take a miracle in our nation. But as King well knew,miracles happen. That the struggle continues is a miracle. And it happens everyday. Thanks so much for reading Grace.

  • sahadia.berthaud

    This was a great piece. I feel compelled to go out and get King’s “Where Do We Go From Here?” Thank you for highlighting how multilayered King really was and that his beliefs and actions were deeper than the “I Have A Dream”

    • Joel Edward Goza

      Dear Sahadia, I promise you won’t be disappointed in Where Do We Go from Here… the first pages alone are worth the price of admission. I pray in King’s word you that you will find fuel for your fire.

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