Conservatives Court Asian Americans For Electoral Gains

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In the run-up to the 2012 elections, some political experts argued that the era of culture wars was over, and that conservative attacks on abortion, affirmative action, and other social issues had lost lost their efficacy in political campaigns. They might have been right immediately after President Obama’s re-election, but they have been very wrong in the years since.

One area where conservatives have tried to have their cake and eat it too has been a systematic recruitment of Asian Americans into their war on affirmative action and policies designed to consider diversity in college admissions and hiring. The Justice Department, for example, is backing a lawsuit by Asian Americans claiming that Harvard discriminated against them by factoring in the race and ethnicity of Black and Latino/Latinx applicants.

Asian Americans as a whole have been a conservative leaning population, particularly prior to 9/11, and prominent Asian…

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One comment

  • valerieking325

    This is negative Crapola that does not show that the Trumpters Polls are showing he is truly in major decline. Please show those truthful numbers instead. There is no reason to scare people into thinking that Trump has these supporters by this headline. Listen to more progressive news—be more positive. His polls show him majorly losing losing, beautifully losing. His followers are dumb and there really are less of them than there are of intelligent adults in this country. He has less than 45% approval rating at all times, and that is kind. He is not going to win, (unlesss he cancels the election because orange is in charge).

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