Colorado State University Will Not Punish Students Who Wore Blackface

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Colorado State University said it will not punish the students who wore blackface in a picture that went viral on social media.

In the viral photo obtained by NBC News, four white students from the university are in blackface, while two students in the photo crossed their arms into an x against their chest. The photo was captioned as “Wakanda forevaa,” a reference to the Marvel movie “Black Panther.”

The university’s president, Joyce McConnell, and two other administrators wrote in a September 10 letter that the Instagram image “has caused a great deal of pain to members of our community. 

“We have heard from many of you — and we hear you. Moreover, we respect your voices. We know that images like this one — whether consciously racist or not — can perpetuate deliberate racism and create a climate that feels deeply hostile,” the statement from university officials read.


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  • yvette Marrero

    So what happens when your black students decide to start a rally simply because this type of crap is ok????

    • D

      The cops will be called as a use of force to bring those uppity students in line.

  • Dawn Beckford

    Shameless entitled, ignorant twits. Their parents must be proud.

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