#ChristopherDeAndreMitchell: When Will Enough Be Enough?

Melina Abdullah SAVE THIS


At what point will we say “enough is enough?” When will we say “I don’t care what he (allegedly) did?” When police kill Black people, there always seems to be an excuse: he didn’t follow orders quickly enough; she was belligerent; he was a gang member; he had a criminal record; she had a mental health condition — and the list goes on. Almost immediately, public attention is diverted from the murder at the hands of the police, to whether or not the victim is “clean” enough. Parents of victims feel compelled to trot out childhood accolades and school GPAs to make the case that their children “earned” the right to live.

But Black people have a right to our lives. Our survival should not require that we be perfect.

The flaws that make us human are used to dehumanize us and justify the killing of our…

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