Challenges To Passing Meaningful Police Accountability Legislation

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On episode 26 of The Breakdown, The North Star CEO Shaun King uplifts the recent legislative work of Black Lives Matter and coalition groups in helping to bring transparency to police investigations. In 2018, the California legislature passed SB 1421, which authorizes public access to documents regarding police misconduct in use of force, sexual assault, and dishonesty. The “Right to Know” bill was the first piece of legislation co-sponsored by chapters of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Initially, BLM-California also signed on to co-sponsor Assembly Bill 931, a police accountability bill written in the aftermath of the murder of #StephonClark by Sacramento police. Officers killed Stephon in his grandmother’s backyard, claiming to have mistaken his cell phone for a gun; the district attorney declined to charge the killers. Assemblymembers Dr. Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) and Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) introduced 931 as “Stephon’s Law” to…

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