California Bill Bans Discrimination Against Natural Hairstyles

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California’s state Senate passed a bill on April 22 banning racial discrimination against individuals with natural hair.

Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair Act (CROWN Act) will stop employers and schools from discriminating against people with natural hair and hairstyles like twists, afros, and braids.

Los Angeles Senator Holly J. Mitchell, who introduced the bill, told the Senate on Monday that the bill would “help dispel myths and educate those who need it about the unique qualities of Black hair and texture and the Black hair experience.” Mitchell said the CROWN Act would also “challenge common-held myths about what constitutes professionalism in the workplace.”

Speaking to the Senate, Mitchell noted that a Google image search of the term “unprofessional hairstyles” showed Black women with natural hairstyles until recently. The images, “although disheartening,” were “not very surprising.”

“Many Black employees, including your staff… will tell you, if…

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