Bob Marley’s Musical Genius and the Sounds of Jamaica

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Bob Marley Mural (Stéphane Damour/Flickr).
Bob Marley would have been 74 were he alive today, yet the iconic singer died from cancer on May 11, 1981. Marley – who survived an assassination attempt just five years prior to his death – was placed in a mausoleum atop a hill in his birth village of Nine Mile, his coffin painted and containing his red Gibson Les Paul guitar, a Bible opened to Psalm 23, and a stalk of ganja. His resting place followed a public and private funeral (the former drew 100,000 people) – a testament to the man whose music and ideology united a fractious Jamaica and brought the deeply rooted politics of reggae to the world.
Most of the world celebrates Bob Marley for spearheading reggae into the pantheon of mainstream music through albums like Exodus, Catch a Fire, and African Herbsman — not to mention historic…

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  • Nkosie

    What a legend His music still echoes to each an every corner of the universe. Starter!!!!!

  • CeCee

    As a child,I would read Jet magazines and see his face in the birthday( I believe) section of them.

    Back then,I didn’t know what Reggae music was or who Reggae singers were but it would take many years not only to appreciate the music but to appreciate Bob..the singer. From a PBS documentary that I seen,I’ve learned that he was so much more than just music alone but in his own right Bob was a powerful humanitarian who wanted the political injustice quelled in Jamaica and elsewhere. He was a powerful man who probably would have been the PM of Jamaica if he would have ran ..which was why some of his political adversaries seen him as a threat.

    I had a talk with a relative of mine about Bob. Where would he be if he was still alive today. Maybe singing beautiful Reggae Music,chilling from it..or continue fighting for the rights of others. Though we may never know the answer to that but it can’t be denied that he was an influential man who deserve a place in Black History.

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