Black Woman Named Marijuana Pepsi Obtains her PhD

Nicole Rojas SAVE THIS

Courtesy of Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck.

Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck has never been ashamed of her unique name and now she’s earned her doctorate inspired by it.

The 46-year-old has made headlines around the country after getting her PhD in higher education leadership at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. Her dissertation topic was more than fitting: “Black names in white classrooms: Teacher behaviors and student perceptions.”

Dr. Vandyck credits her mother, Maggie (Brandy) Johnson, for her unusual name. “She said that she knew when I was born that you could take this name and go around the world with it,” she told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Jim Stingl in 2009. “At the time as a child, I’m thinking yeah, right. You named my older sister Kimberly. You named my younger sister Robin.”

Her close friends and family members called her by her middle name, Pepsi, while at school and work…

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